Labor & Material Cost Estimator, Job Card Template Excel

The Labor & Material Cost Estimator and Job Card Template is ideal for the creation of Job Cards or the preparation of contractor estimating forms for a range of applications.  


Typical applications include home building and construction estimators, landscape estimate forms, car paint job estimates, construction estimating, plumbing and heating bid forms, automotive repair and auto body shop estimates forms, HVAC repair or service contracts, insulation installation and ductwork estimate preparation, electrical and computer repairs, painting cost estimates — in fact any application that requires a customizable and printable material and labor estimate form or job card and is a useful addition to any collection of business forms and software programs.

This simple Excel-based spreadsheet estimator and job card lists the tasks (and associated labor hours) and materials used in a typical maintenance workshop or installation job.

  • It differentiates between billable and non-billable hours. 
  • Billing values are also calculated either at a standard hourly rate or specific rate for the specific task.
  • Materials required are listed in units used and the associated cost is calculated. 
  • The cost of the material can be marked-up at a standard % or at a specific mark-up for individual materials. 
  • The total cost is calculated using the Labor and Materials subtotals and there is a facility to add tax.
  • It produces a user-friendly print format or can be distributed electronically and incorporates signature and approval signoff.

Check out the Labor & Materials Estimator and Job Card Excel Template User Guide before purchasing!

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