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We are proud of the reputation we have earned for the excellence of our customer service and are determined to earn it every day from every customer.

A small sample of custom comments

Please allow me to say that in handling this matter, you displayed a level of support and customer service that is rare these days and that which I've not seen in a long, long time.
You went above and beyond making sure I received the files in time for me to make use of them.
Your diligence in doing whatever it took to get these files to me is highly commendable and greatly appreciated.
Thank you for the personal reply.  

North Carolina, USA


It was interesting that so many websites claimed to have the xls I needed, but yours was the only one that actually delivered.  

Thank you for your follow up - and it looks like the spread sheet is exactly what I needed. 

Colorado, USA


That’s a generous offer. I love the fact that it is color coded. Looks like we can change field size, change to alphanumeric, etc. which would be very helpful.

Washington, USA


I appreciate the follow up and am very impressed with your customer service

Michigan, USA



It's absolutely fabulous - thank you

Worcestershire, UK


Thank you very much.  As we sometimes say here, "No preblem'a"

Your customer service is great! 

San Jose, USA


All fixed thanks Pat,

Your customer service approach is outstanding

and you can quote me. 

G. DeL
Melbourne, Australia


Brilliant! Thank you so much, Pat, for your added time and assistance.

This is very helpful.

Kentucky, USA


I have nothing but good things to say about your site. 

Winnipeg, Canada


I don't consider myself a Pivot Table expert so the very few questions that I did have we're answered promptly and effectively and in a manner that I understood what needed to be done.

I would recommend this product to anyone that is interested in managing their Sales Funnel in an orderly and effective manner. Great job Business Tools Store.

Alberta, Canada


This looks like the best packaged tools that I have ever seen. I am impressed with the thoroughness of content. My sales planning now has a very firm and solid foundation.

Gives me a clear picture of the future as far as my sales planning is concerned. "Thank you for creating these tools"

Ghana, West Africa


I searched for hours looking for a website that offered a substantive Excel financial model for recurring revenue.

This is the only site that I found which was a legitimate provider of a well designed product.

The product is also well supported - the team is available to answer any questions.

Colorado, USA


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