For over 10 years we have provided a portfolio of business tools to address everyday business tasks and problems, covering all the business functions. We appreciate that busy executives do not have the skills or time to develop comprehensive tools and want to spend their time addressing the business problem rather than developing a suitable tool.

To respond to that need all our solutions can be used straight out of the box (10-minute learning curve) and provide clear user information, via a simple user guide. While addressing an explicit business problem, use only standard features of Excel, PowerPoint, etc with no fancy macros, passwords, etc. so that they can be fully customised by any executive with basic skills in the relevant platform.

Platforms, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint are continuously enhanced and now provide features, including AI, to form a very powerful basis for comprehensive business solutions.

For those executives, who wish to enhance their expertise in these platforms, we are delighted to have teamed up with  My Online Training Hub to provide a portfolio of online training and skills to enable those executives to develop an extensive portfolio of solutions tailor-made for their business.

We will continue to offer you a comprehensive portfolio of products/templates that provide business solutions that can be used straight out of the box using only standard features of the relevant platform.

However, if you wish to enhance your skills, pop over to My Online Training Hub and check out the large collection of skill enhancement opportunities not just via the excellent online courses but also via superb webinars and informative Excel Blog postings to enhance your expertise by sharing quick tips, and showing you short cuts, and insider tricks. 

Examples of training courses in the My Online Training Hub portfolio include:


Dashboards provide insight, analysis, and alerts by displaying key trends, comparisons, and data in interactive reports. The reader can filter data and change views to find answers to their questions and problems. Check out the Excel Dashboard Course.

Excel Tables

Make huge efficiency gains by using dynamic named ranges to automatically update formulas, Pivot Tables and charts. Automate formatting like banded rows or columns; sorting and filtering; and totals and statistics. Learn everything you need to work with Tables in less than 1 hour. This course teaches you functions that are going to give you the biggest efficiency gains at work. Covering the fundamentals for each function, and less obvious uses for them. It's these more advanced techniques that will really set you apart from the crowd. Check out the Excel Tables course

Become an Excel Expert Course

Designed to take you from zero to hero so you can confidently list 'Advanced Excel Skills' on your resume/CV. Starting with the essentials, then covering must-know skills like best workbook design, advanced formulas, pivot tables, conditional formatting, macros and much more. Check out the Online Excel Course.

Financial Modelling

Everyone involved in the business decision making process should understand the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. Only by understanding core concepts can you avoid common mistakes when working with these three statements. Check out the Financial Modelling Course.

Excel for Customer Service

Designed for professionals working in customer service or call center environments. Efficiently and accurately collect and analyze data. Create forecasts and generate clear, meaningful charts and reports. Boost your skills in handling customer service and call center information. Check out the Excel for Customer Service Professionals Course.

Power BI

Microsoft’s latest business intelligence (BI) & data visualization tool enables you to quickly develop stunning interactive dashboards. Embed Excel charts, tables, Pivot Tables, and dashboards in your Power BI dashboards, then securely share your dashboards to any device. Check out the Power BI Course.

Power Query

Get data from almost any source (a database, the web, Excel, Salesforce, OData etc), then clean, transform, merge, and append data to your query. Load the data into Excel or Power Pivot for analysis, report preparation or export. Check out the Excel Power Query Course

Pivot Tables: Quick Start

This short course will quickly have you building your own PivotTables with confidence. Start with the ideal data layout for creating Pivot Tables. Then move on to formatting, aggregation, pivot charts, filters, slicers and much more. Check out the Pivot Table Course.

Excel Pivot Tables

Learning to use Pivot Tables will allow you to quickly summarise and analyse large amounts of data - with just a few clicks of your mouse. Quickly transform data into meaningful information and create reports that are easy to update and change. Check out Excel Xtreme PivotTables Course.

Excel, Word & Outlook

Choose just Excel, Word or Outlook or choose any combination of the three. Learn the core software tools any professional needs in a modern office environment. Check out the Free Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook Training.


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