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Get a copy of our 3-year Manpower/staffing Plan & Budget Excel template and receive a FREE copy of our 3-year Sales Revenue Plan/Budget Excel template  

The Excel-based manpower/staffing planning and budgeting template allows you to develop a monthly 3-year manpower schedule/budget for up to 10 departments, each with an unlimited number of staff. You can define/customize up to ten departments.  Each department can have as many job/staff categories as you wish.  The current annual salary for each job/staff category is entered, as is the projected changes (+ or -) on a percentage basis for each of the 3 years.  The % of salary extras (social security, pension, etc.) can also be defined for each job category.
Monthly staffing schedules and projected costs are calculated for each month for the three-year period and reports and graphs are produced. Totals are provided for each department and the total organization. An average monthly/quarterly/annual cost per employee is calculated for each department and for the total organization.

Our 3-year Sales Revenue Plan/Budget Excel template allows you to develop a monthly sales revenue budget that incorporates features such as product groups with revenue subtotals, and up to 20 seasonal sales patterns that can be applied individually to each product/revenue line. Direct sales costs can be applied to the revenue plan to calculate gross margin and percentage gross margin for each month.

Just put the 3-year Manpower/Staffing Plan& Budget Excel template in the cart. The 3-year Sales Revenue Plan/Budget Excel template is automatically added at checkout.


Special Packages of Complementary Templates!

As you scroll through the site you will notice many special packages of two or more complementary templates at very attractive prices typically with a discount of up to 50%!!

Some of the more popular packages are:

3 for 2!!!

Where you would like to pick a number of templates that are not already available as a package you can make up your own 3 for 2 package.

Here is how it works.

To avail of the discount select your three products in the normal way, at Checkout, when given the option to “Add Coupon Code”, please use the following Coupon Code 3for2 (no spaces). 

The 33% discount will be applied to your order value.

Special offers can not be combined; only ONE applies to any one order!!  You decide.