Developing expertise to build comprehensive Business Solutions

For over 10 years we have provided a portfolio of business tools to address everyday business tasks and problems, covering all the business functions. We appreciate that busy executives do not have the skills or time to develop comprehensive tools and want to spend their time addressing the business problem rather than developing a suitable tool.

To respond to that need all our solutions can be used straight out of the box (10-minute learning curve) and provide clear user information, via a simple user guide. While addressing an explicit business problem, use only standard features of Excel, PowerPoint, etc with no fancy macros, passwords, etc. so that they can be fully customised by any executive with basic skills in the relevant platform.

Platforms, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint are continuously enhanced and now provide features, including AI, to form a very powerful basis for comprehensive business solutions.

For those executives, who wish to enhance their expertise in these platforms, we are delighted to have teamed up with My Online Training Hub to provide a portfolio of online training and skills to enable those executives to develop an extensive portfolio of solutions tailor-made for their business.

We will continue to offer you a comprehensive portfolio of products/templates that provide business solutions that can be used straight out of the box using only standard features of the relevant platform.

However, if you wish to enhance your skills, pop over to My Online Training Hub and check out the large collection of skill enhancement opportunities not just via the excellent online courses but also via superb webinars and informative Excel Blog postings to enhance your expertise by sharing quick tips, and showing you short cuts, and insider tricks.

2nd Aug 2023 Pat Divilly, The Business Tools Store

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