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For all your business tools requirements

Welcome to the Business Tools Store

We provide business tools and templates using familiar products like Excel, Word and
PowerPoint and backed up by exceptional customer service and a NO Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

Our guiding principle is to develop tools that are comprehensive enough to address the
real” problem but intuitive enough to use out-of-the-box without any training.

Our objective is to allow you to focus on solving the business issue, rather than spending
time developing a suitable tool from scratch.

All our tools come with comprehensive user guides.

We use only standard features of the relevant products, e.g. MS-Excel, and all the products
can be customized and extended by you without reverting back to us; no techie tricks or special requirements!

Click on any of the categories below to find and download a suitable tool and see your productivity levels rise!                                                                  

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 Strategic Business Planning
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 Operations & Logistics  Manufacturing Misc.   Human Resources   Customer Service

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