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Break-even Sales and Payback Calculator

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Break-even (B/E) Sales and Payback Calculator

Where the unit selling price is greater than the variable cost of producing/selling a product, each unit sold contributes the difference (gross margin) to offsetting the fixed cost associated with the business.
Break-even analysis identifies the unit sales volume where the gross margin or contribution is equal to the fixed cost of the business. It is the point at which the business makes neither a profit nor a loss.
The calculation of the break-even sales volume for a single product is relatively straight forward.
However, many situations involve multiple products.
Our calculator can be used for single product and multiple product (up to five) situations.
break-even chart is also produced.
In a multi-product scenario, each product makes a contribution based on the difference between the unit sales price and the variable cost associated with that product.
Reflecting the mix of unit sales, the average contribution is calculated. The break-even point is then calculated based on the total fixed cost and the average product contribution. The break-even unit sales volume is distributed across the five products based on the sales mix of the five products.
The break-even point also reflects the payback period, i.e., how long does it take to reach the breakeven unit sales. 
Multiple scenarios with different unit prices and sales units and mix can be analyzed for break-even sales volumes & revenue and payback period.

This product is included in our Marketing Math Collection.

Key Features: Break-even Sales and Payback Calculator

Key features of the Break-even Sales and Payback Calculator  are: 

  • Calculates Break-even units and sales revenue based on sales price, variable product cost and fixed overhead cost.      
  • The break-even calculator can be used for single and multiple product situations.
  • A Break-even chart is generated for single product scenario.
  • In multiple product scenarios, the break-even sales volume for each product is calculated.
  • The Payback period is identified
  • Only standard Excel features are used.  No macros! No passwords!
  • The Excel Break-even calculator is fully customizable.
  • Download immediately! If you have MS-Excel, you are ready to go.
  • Comes with a comprehensive Break-even Calculator and Payback Period User Guide available to download to check the full details before purchasing
  • Is backed up with a NO Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

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