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Subscription Revenue Business Model What-if Calculator

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  • What-if subscription business model GUI
  • 3-year summary of assumptions and Revenue
  • 3 year monthly parameters and revenue projections
  • What If parameters to be modelled
  • 12 monthly revenue projections
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Subscription Revenue Business Model  What-if Calculator


This Excel-based What-if Subscription Revenue Model allows the user to review different Subscription scenarios and their impact on total revenue. Detailed “What-if” analysis can be carried out on all the key variables that effect total Subscription revenue, i.e., Number of Customers, Number of subscribers per customer, Subscription charge and the customer attrition/churn rate. A three-year monthly revenue plan is also generated based on the what-if assumptions. The Excel model is totally customizable, uses only standard Excel features and contains no macros

Product Features and Application

Subscription charging/revenue models have become the de facto pricing models for many services.
In some scenarios there may be a free offering, a basic service/price and increasing incremental offerings for higher subscription rates. These are frequently designated by terms such as Free, Basic, Standard, Premium.
Where the service is provided to an enterprise, rather than to an individual, the number and type of subscriptions included in the enterprise subscription charge becomes an additional dimension in generating the total subscription revenue.
Alternative strategies, such as focusing on signing up customers for the “free” offering and migrating them up the increasing subscription ladder or looking at the lifetime value of a customer and focusing on reducing the churn rate so that once signed up they become customers for life, are just two of the many strategic options. Assumptions regarding higher subscription charges with a lower number of subscribers generating higher revenue than that from a lower subscription charge delivering a greater number of subscribers.
Our Subscription Revenue Business Model Calculator allows you to model different subscription pricing and volume scenarios and do detailed “what-if” analysis on the key variables that effect total subscription growth and revenue over a three-year period.
It is suitable for both B2C and B2B subscription scenarios.
Different assumptions and models can be used for each of the three years. A detailed monthly revenue plan, based on the model assumptions, is produced for each year. Closing revenue, number of subscribers, etc. are carried forward as opening values for the following year.
The Subscription Revenue Business Model Calculator allows you to manipulate any of the four key variables that underpin all subscription pricing strategies and resulting revenue projections.

This product is included in our Marketing Math Collection.

Input is via an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI)
The four key variables are:

  • The number of customers and growth/decline rate
  • The average number of user subscriptions per customer and growth/decline rate (This will be a single subscription where the customer is an individual (B2C), rather than an enterprise (B2B) where it can be more than one.
  • The average user subscription charged and growth/decline rate in it.
  • The attrition/churn rate of existing customers who cease to use the service/pay a subscription.

Simultaneous positive growth in all four can be challenging. Frequently growth in one factor results in a decline in one or more of the others. An example of this may be that the increase in the actual subscription charge may result in a lower number of subscribers or an increase in the churn rate.
The different strategies require different approaches, resources and strengths.
This is a classic “What-if” scenario with revenue generated dependent on the impact and outcome of the selected strategy.
Our Subscription Revenue Business Model Calculator allows you to evaluate the revenue outcome of different assumptions and strategies with just a few clicks via our graphic user interface.
It allows you do comprehensive “what-if” analysis with a range of five growth/decline options for each of the key variables, e.g., growth by X%, decline by Y%.
You select the options you wish to input into the what-if process and the resulting revenue is calculated.
It provides a twelve-month revenue plan based on the what-if outcome you select.
A “different "what-if” process can be carried out of each of the three years.
A summary three-year table is produced showing the revenue and associated input variables for each month of the three years.
The revenue plan is also displayed graphically, which shows the comparative monthly revenue over the three years.
The Subscription Revenue Business Model Calculator is suitable for both B2C and B2B businesses.

Key Features

  • Select up to five variations to be used/tested in the what-if analysis for each of number of customers, number of subscribers per customer, average subscription, and attrition/churn rate.
  • Suitable for both B2C and B2B businesses
  • Simple four click input via an Intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) to see the revenue outcome.
  • Generates a twelve-month revenue plan for each of the three years.
  • Generates a bar chart, which shows the comparative monthly revenue over the three years.
  • Fully customizable Excel template
  • Uses only standard Excel features, no macros.
  • Simple to setup – if you have Excel, you are ready to go!
  • Comprehensive User Guide
  • Outstanding customer service and support -- just check out what our customers say.
  • No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

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