Software as a Service SaaS Enterprise Software Business Model Budget Template Excel 


Two Software as a Service SaaS Business Models are emerging.

These are:

  • Individual Subscriber SaaS business model where typically four subscriptions options/levels are offered to individual subscribers e.g. Starter/Freemium, Silver, Gold, Platinum. This model is common for web-based applications.
  • Enterprise Subscriber SaaS business model where a number of products (e.g. Standard, Premium, Premium Plus, and Enterprise) are offered at different subscription levels.
    The model assumes that sales are made to enterprises and that the enterprise pays subscription fees based on the number of users within the enterprise.

The Business Tools Store offers two different Software as a Service SaaS Business Model 3-year revenue plan Excel templates that allows you to develop a monthly sales revenue plan for up to three years for the business model that is most appropriate.

If you wish to use the Enterprise SaaS template you are at the right place. However, if you want the Individual subscription SaaS model please go to Individual subscription SaaS model.

The Enterprise Subscription SaaS business plan revenue budget template can be used for up to 4 products or 4 different markets (e.g. Starter/Freemium, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

For each month, each product features:

  • the opening number of customers,
  • new customers added during the month and
  • the average number of users/subscribers per customer

and calculates:

  • the total number of subscribers for the month.
  • the subscription revenue for each product and
  • total revenue is then calculated.

Affiliate or partner discount/commission can be calculated monthly for each product.

Other direct sales costs can be applied to the revenue plan to calculate gross margin and percentage gross margin for each month.

The total number of customers and total number of subscribers across all products/markets are calculated.

The average number of subscribers per customer and the overall average subscription rate per month is also calculated.

An extensive range of tabular and graphic chart reports is generated (see examples above).

The Enterprise SaaS sales revenue budget model template is suitable for both existing SaaS businesses and new SaaS businesses.

The Excel template is totally customizable, and uses only standard Excel features.

Check out the SaaS Enterprise Sales Revenue Plan/Budget User Guide for full details prior to purchasing.

The purchase is supported by a No Quibble Guarantee.

The SaaS 3-year sales revenue budget template can be used in conjunction with the SaaS Model Revenue Calculator.

The SaaS Model Revenue Calculator allows the user to review different SaaS pricing scenarios and do detailed “what-if” analysis on the key variables that effect total Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) growth and revenue over a three-year period.


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