Lead generation is the life blood of every sales and marketing group.
Where will your leads come from on a monthly basis?
What sources (trade shows, telemarketing, SEO, advertising, etc.) will most effectively generate the required leads?
Which source is most cost effective?  What is the cost-per-lead for each source?

Sales Leads Generation Plan & Budget MS-Excel Template 

The Excel-based Lead Generation Plan & Budget Template allows the user to quickly generate a Lead Generation Plan and Budget.  

  • Up to 10 Lead Generation Sources or Categories, typically email, telemarketing, advertising, trade shows, etc. can be defined.
  • Within each category the user can have up to 10 individual campaigns.  
  • Each campaign can be run for a single month, over several months, or an ongoing basis.
  • The average cost per lead for each campaign and each source/category is calculated and graphed by month.
  • The user can specify the total number of leads required by month and as the budget and plan is created, a graphic shows if there is a deficit or surplus for each individual month and on a year-to-date basis against the total number of leads required.

Note: Our Sales Pipeline Planner can be used to calculate how many leads will be required to achieve sales revenue goals.

The user enters the budgeted expenditure for each campaign and the number of leads planned from that campaign for each month.

The average cost per lead for each campaign and by source/category is calculated and displayed graphically.

Budgets can be printed for each source/category detailing each of the campaigns and a summary by category can also be printed. Numerous charts are also produced.

Check out the Sales Leads Plan & Budget User Guide prior to ordering.

This template is one of three companion templates.

  1. The Sales Pipeline Funnel Planner & Calculator identified the level of new business leads/opportunities required to achieve the sales revenue budget.  (Excel 2003)

  2. The Sales Leads Generation Plan and Budget template develops a plan and budget to generate the necessary leads by different marketing sources or categories, i.e. Tradeshow, telemarketing, etc.  (Excel 2003)

  3. The Sales Pipeline / Sales Funnel Management template provides a comprehensive pipeline management system for all new and current opportunities as they progress through the sales funnel / sales pipeline. (Excel 2007). 

All three are available as a Sales Pipeline Templates Excel Package at 33% discount

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Thoroughness of Content

SD Ghana/West Africa on 14th Feb 2012

This looks like the best packaged tools that i have ever seen. I am impressed with the thoroughness of content. My sales planning now has a very firm and solid foundation.