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Comprehensive 3-level Competitor Competitive Analysis Excel Template

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Comprehensive 3-Level Competitive Analysis Excel Template

Our comprehensive 3-level competitive analysis goes beyond the usual comparison of the features of a product or service.
Our competitive analysis Excel template identifies competitive factors at three levels. The first level is a straight PRODUCT to PRODUCT comparison, e.g. a particular iPhone model compared to the nearest equivalent from Samsung, e.g. price, features, etc. 
The second level compares the enterprise’s relative strengths in addressing the overall MARKET, e.g. brand, product range, market share, market coverage/distribution network, customer service, etc.
The third level compares at a CORPORATE level in terms of factors such as financial resources, R&D innovation capability, global presence, technology, management, etc.


We offer two different templates.

  • This Comprehensive Competitive Excel model provides a framework/matrix to analyze up to five competitors at each of the three levels.
Typically, the top five strongest competitors account for 80% of market sales.
This Comprehensive Competitive Analysis Excel model allows you to rate each of the chosen competitors for the competitive factors that you deem most important.
You can use up to 7 Competitive factors for the analysis at each of the three levels, i.e. Product, Market and Corporate. You choose the factors that you deem most important for your market and your analysis.
Each competitor is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for each factor
a)    10 = Very strong/best in class Performer
b)      5 = Average performer
c)       1 = Extremely weak Performer

A weighting can be given to each competitive factor, e.g. Price might account for 35%, product features for 20%, etc.  The weighting factors reflect the relative importance of the different competitive factors.
The relative importance of each of the three levels is also taken into account in calculating the weighting factor to be applied to each competitive factor..
Two sets of graphics and competitor competitive charts are produced.  These are:

(1)   based on the competitive scores and

(2)   a second based on the adjusted competitive scores reflecting the weighting factors assigned to each factor.

Bar and Radar Charts (see images above, click to enlarge), for each of the three levels and overall competitive position, are automatically generated based on the scores given to each competitor. A Total Competitiveness Score is also calculated for each competitor and a corresponding Bar Chart and total competitive profile is produced.

Key Features of the 3-level Competitor Analysis Excel Template

  • Choose up to 5 competitors to be compared and analyzed
  • Analysis can be carried out three levels
    • Product,
    • Market and
    • Corporate levels
  • Up to 7 competitive factors can be analyzed at each of the three levels, you select the ones that you deem to be most important for your market and analysis
  • Each competitor is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for each factor

a)    10 = Very strong/best in class Performer

b)      5 = Average performer

c)       1 = Extremely weak Performer

  • A weighting can be assigned to each competitive factor based on its importance
  • A weighting can also be assigned to each of the three levels based on its importance
  • A weighted score is calculated for each competitor for each factor
  • An overall Competitive Index is calculated for each competitor
  • Radar and bar charts are produced at each level for weighted and unweighted rating scores
  • Bar charts provide detailed competitive standings
  • An overall Competitor Profile is also produced
  • Fully customizable Excel template that can be easily modified
  • Uses only standard Excel features, no macros
  • Simple to setup – if you have Excel, you are ready to go!
  • Outstanding customer service and support -- just check out what our customers say.
  • Comprehensive User Guide can be download to review the details before purchase
  • No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

Need Something Different

Check out our standard Competitor Competitive Analysis Excel template, that does comparison at the product level, if you need something less comprehensive.  If neither is exactly what you need, please contact us and we will see if we can meet your needs.

No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

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