Another Satisfied Customer

We set ourselves the highest standards in customer service and go the extra mile when necessary to ensure we have a satisfied customer. So it is really pleasing when we get a thank you message and genuine appreciation from our customers.

We recently received message on Friday night at 10.00 PM (our time) from “Tom” who had placed an order earlier in the week for MS-Word and MS-Excel General Electric GE McKinsey Matrix Templates. Tom had “ a meeting on Monday morning where I need to make use of the MS-Word and MS-Excel General Electric GE McKinsey Matrix Templates and hope that I will be able to obtain them sometime early this weekend so I'll have the time to work with them.”

He couldn’t find our email with the download link. As it was out of hours we picked the message up on a cell phone while having dinner with friends.

On checked back we confirmed that the order had been received early in the week and an automatic email with the appropriate download link had been generated and sent to Tom. The most appropriate action was to generate the email again and to suggest to Tom that if he didn’t receive it to check his SPAM folder or other possible locations where it might be hiding.   Despite exhaustive searches he couldn’t find it, so time for plan B; we downloaded the files and user guide and sent them as an email attachment.

We were delighted to receive an message from Tom shortly afterwards that confirmed that he had received them and the following comment “Please allow me to say that in handling this matter, you displayed a level of support and customer service that is rare these days and that which I've not seen in a long, long time. You went above and beyond making sure I received the files in time for me to make use of them. Your diligence in doing whatever it took to get these files to me is highly commendable and greatly appreciated.”

Thank you Tom and we happily when back to our dinner friends in time for coffee and all before 11.00 PM

25th Nov 2013 Patrick Divilly, The Business Tools Store

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