A Cause and Effect diagram, aka a Fishbone diagram, Ishikawa diagram and herringbone diagram, is a tool used for problem root cause analysis that helps to identify, sort and display possible causes of a specific problem or quality characteristic.

In Root Cause Analysis (RCA) it graphically illustrates the relationship between a given outcome and all the factors that influence the outcome.

The root cause analysis (RCA) results are typically grouped into categories to identify the sources of variation.

Standardized categories have emerged depending on the industry sector.

This has given rise to three popular Cause and Effect Fishbone diagrams based on the root cause categories.

This Excel workbook provides all three, i.e. 3 templates for the price of one.

These are:

  • 6 Ms used in the manufacturing sector
  • 7 Ps used in marketing environments
  • 5 Ss used in the service industries

The templates are downloadable immediately and come with a No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.


3 Cause and Effect Ishikawa Fishbone Diagrams in one Excel Template

The Cause and Effect Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram Excel Template provides three templates in a single Excel Workbook.

These are formatted for 6Ms, 7 Ps and 5 Ss; click on the diagram images above to see the details.

You get all three to use as you find most appropriate; no need to purchase three products.

6 Ms: Manufacturing Sector

  1. Machine (technology)
  2. Method (process)
  3. Material
  4. Man Power/Mind Power
  5. Measurement
  6. Milieu/Mother Nature (Environment)

7 Ps: Marketing Environments

  1. Product/Service
  2. Price
  3. Place (market)
  4. Promotion
  5. People
  6. Process
  7. Physical Evidence

5 Ss: Service Industries

  1. Surroundings
  2. Suppliers
  3. Systems
  4. Skills
  5. Safety


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The template requires Excel 2007 or later edition.

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