Monthly Timesheet Template Excel

The time sheet template which is Excel based can be used to record standard and overtime hours each day for a month; weekly totals and gross pay (before deductions) are also calculated.
The Excel workbook contains twelve monthly timesheet templates, i.e. one for each month of the year.  


 Key Features: Monthly Timesheet Excel Template

The Monthly Timesheet Template in Excel incorporates the following features:

  • Dates and days-of-the-week are automatically calculated and displayed for each month.
  • Calculates standard hours and overtime hours worked.
  •  Allows the user to specify the number of standard hours in a week, e.g. 40 hours.
  • Validates that the total standard hours recorded for the week does not exceed the standard working week, e.g. 40 hours.
  • Calculates standard hours, overtime hours and total worked each week and total hours worked for the month.
  • Calculates gross standard pay, overtime pay and total pay each week and total pay for the month.
  • Calculates a running total of the cumulative hours worked from the beginning of the week and begining of the month.
  • Produces user-friendly print format.
  • Facilitates signature and approval signoff.
  • Has a worksheet for each month of the year.
  • Can be easily reset at the start of a new year.
  • Uses only standard Excel features and can be easily customized


Check out the Timesheets Templates Excel User Guide for full details.



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Check out the Timesheets Templates Excel User Guide.

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