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SWOT Analysis Templates | SWOT Matrix Templates

SWOT Matrix Templates are available for Excel, PowerPoint and Word. 

This package combines the three SWOT Matrix templates for PowerPoint, Excel and Word at a discount of 30% on the individual prices.

SWOT Matrix Templates: Excel

The Excel SWOT Matrix template allows you to calculate and graphically represent the results of a SWOT analysis, using an Excel bubble chart graphic format which can be easily modified and customized by anybody with basic Excel skills.

The Excel SWOT Matrix model differentiates between SWOT factors of different orders of magnitude, relevance and strategic impact. 

SWOT Analysis Templates: Word

The Word SWOT Matrix template ffacilitates presentation of the results of the SWOT analysis in a report/business plan or other Word document. Four different Word templates are included.

The Word template can be copied and pasted into any Word document.

Once it is pasted into the desired location in the document, it can be edited as any standard Word table would be.

 SWOT Templates: PowerPoint

The PowerPoint SWOT Matrix template facilitates presentation of the results of the SWOT analysis in a PowerPoint presentation. Four different PowerPoint templates are included.

The PowerPoint template can be copied and pasted into any PowerPoint presentation.

Once it is pasted into the desired location in the presentation, it can be edited in PowerPoint (2007 or later). 

Check out the SWOT Analysis User Guide for full details.

Related Templates and Bundles

The SWOT Matrix templates can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, other tools such as General Electric GE McKinsey Matrix and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Growth Share Matrix in basic strategic planning and analysis.

We also provide GE McKinsey Matrix templates which you can use to generate a GE McKinsey Matrix to depict the result of a business portfolio analysis. Our Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Growth-Share Matrix Templates can be used to generate a BCG Matrix.

Order the individual Word, PowerPoint or Excel SWOT Matrix templates that you require or alternatively order this package of all three templates and get 30% discount or order our Strategic Planning Package (includes SWOT, BCG and GE-McKinsey Excel and/or Word templates) and get up to 50% discount!

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