Timesheet Templates Excel 1, 2 and 4 Week Versions

Not just one but three Timesheet templates are included in this offering, use whichever one best suit your needs; give the other one to friends if you wish or just keep them.
  • All timesheet templates are Excel-based electronic timesheet that records the time the employee starts work, breaks for lunch, returns to work after lunch and the time the employee finishes each day for the seven days of the week. The hours worked each day and the cumulative hours for the week are calculated for a seven-day week. Payroll (gross before deductions) is also calculated and broken down between regular pay and overtime pay.
  • There are three variations.  The first version is a one-week (7 days) timesheet; the second variation is a two-week (14 days) time sheet template while the third is a four-week (28 day) version.  The multiple week versions provide two-week or four-week summaries.   

 Key Features: Timesheet Excel Template

The Timesheet Template in Excel incorporates the following features: 
  • Option to set week-ending or week-starting date.
  • Dates and days-of-the-week are automatically calculated and displayed.
  • Allows for daily check-in and check-out for lunch.
  • Handles work shifts without check-in check-out break.
  • Handles shifts that span two days, i.e. night shifts.
  • Calculates actual hours worked each day
  • Calculates a running total of the cumulative hours works from the beginning of the week.
  • Allows the user to specify the number of standard hours in a week.
  • Calculates the overtime hours worked in excess of the standard hours for the week.
  • Calculates Gross Pay for standard hours and overtime hours.
  • Produces user-friendly print format.
  • Facilitates signature and approval signoff.

The Two-week and Four-week versions additional features

  • Employee data is copied from the first week timesheet to all subsequent week sheets.
  • Relevant dates/days of the week are carried out and updated from the first week timesheet.
  • A summary is calculated for the two or four weeks for the following:
    • Total Standard Hours Worked
    • Total Overtime Hours Worked
    • Overall total hours worked
    • Total Standard Gross Pay
    • Total Overtime Gross Pay
    • Overall Total Gross Pay  


Check out the Excel Timesheet Templates User Guide before purchasing!




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