Competitor / competitive analysis template for Excel

This Competitor / Competitive Analysis template for Excel allows you to calculate and graph your competitiveness rating score for a

number of factors and calculate an overall competitiveness rating index against up to 5 competitors.

Understanding your competitive strengths and weaknesses is a prerequisite to developing a winning marketing strategy.

The competitor/ competitive analysis and profile Excel spreadsheet template allows you to select seven factors (e.g. Price, Quality, Product Range, etc.) and

give each factor a different weighting based on its importance. Up to five competitors can then be rated for each factor.

Bar and Radar Charts are automatically generated based on the ratings given to each competitor.

Each competitor is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for each factor as follows:

Competitor Ratings

10 = Very strong/best in class Performer

5 = Average performer

1 = Extremely weak Performer

A Total Competitiveness Score is also calculated for each competitor and a corresponding Bar Chart is produced.

The actual rating is then automatically adjusted to reflect the importance/weighting you have given to each of the factors in the competitor rating decision.

The weighted ratings are automatically calculated and Adjusted Bar and Radar Charts are generated to reflect the relative importance of the different factors.

An Adjusted Total Competitiveness Score is also calculated and a corresponding Adjusted Bar Chart is produced.

This is what one of our users said

The competitive analysis package came in handy for a big presentation this afternoon!

Love the 'radar chart'. I think it threw everyone for a loop...new graphing method for some, I guess.

I will have to search your site for more opportunities. Thank you again!

Amanda Strohl
Director of Marketing
Healthcare Therapy Services, Inc.

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