Excel Billing Timesheet Templates for Professional Services Projects

This Excel-based electronic billing and timesheet application records and calculates the hours worked by client, project and activity type.

It differentiates between billable and non-billable hours. Billing values are calculated by project and by client.

Monthly and cumulative hours and billing values over the life of projects are analysed and charts, graphs and tables are produced.

All reports feature drilldown and sammarise facilities.

All analysis can be segmented by department and employee.

The template uses only standard Excel features and can be customized and extended within Excel.


Key Features

Billing and Timesheet Features

The Excel Billing timesheet template for Professional Services billing and time sheet incorporates the following features:

  • Records Employee name, Dept., Staff No., Date, Week No., and Standard Billing Rate.
  • Records time worked by Date, Client, Project No., and Activity Code.
  • Actual hours are calculated from start and end times entered.
  • Time can be designated as billable (default) or non-billable.
  • Standard billing rate used as default can be overridden by a special billing rate for any specific task.
  • Billing values are calculated for all billable hours.
  • Totals are calculated for Hours Worked, Billable Hours and Billings Value
  • Calculates and displays the Total Billable and Non-Billable Hours and Total Hours worked in the week.
  • Produces user-friendly print format.
  • Facilitates signature and approval signoff.

Analysis & Reporting Features

The weekly timesheet can be added to the cumulative project hours from previous weeks.

A comprehensive range of reports and charts are then produced. Click on the images above to enlarge.

The analysis includes:

  • Billable Hours and Value by Client, Project and Activity
  • Client Billing by Project Chart
  • Percentage Breakdown of Billing by Client Pie Chart
  • Total Billing by Client Chart
  • Billable Hours by Activity Pie Chart
  • Activity Hours and Billable Value by Client


All reports feature drilldown and sammarise facilities as depicted here.

drill-down-summarize reporting feature


All analysis can be further segmented by department and employee.

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More than I expected!

I was delighted to find that the timesheet template was a lot more than just the timesheet itself - great value in terms of the hours I would have had to spend just to set up even a basic version. Thanks to the team for their prompt help with my customisation queries - great service.

Problem Solved Thank You

Many thanks for your prompt reply And really positive conclusion to my problem It is my intention to look at other products on your site & buy more if I can use them They are priced right & your customer care is demonstrably excellent. Best wishes Don