We have added two new Marketing Budget templates to the Business Tools Store.

The standard budget template produces an annual marketing budget while the second
template incorporates variance reporting and analysis.

Both templates facilitate the development of a twelve monthly marketing budget for any
number of marketing expenditure line items.

It incorporates features such as expenditure categories with subtotals, and an unlimited
number of expenditure items within each category.

Current year expenditure and projected + or — % change can be used to calculate
next year’s budget.

Up to 20 seasonal expenditure patterns that can be applied to each individual expenditure line.

The annual marketing budget can be presented and printed in tabular and graphic chart formats.

The second marketing budget template  incorporating variance analysis and reporting.

Once the budget is finalised the actual expenditure can be entered on a monthly basis for each expenditure item.

Monthly variances and Year-to-Date versus actual budget are calculated and charts are produced.