The Business Tools Store has launched a new Sales Funnel Excel template that has in-built Win-Loss analysis as an integral component of the Sales Funnel.

Having a structured sales process based on a sales funnel with well-defined stages is an essential requirement for managing the sales process and forecasting future sales.

It is equally important to do comprehensive win loss analysis of sales outcomes so that one can learn, in equal measure, from patterns of, and reasons for, sales wins and losses.

It facilitates a continuous improvement process and allows the sales organisation to dramatically improve sales lead-to-order conversion rates.

While many organisations have both Sales Funnels and Win-Loss analysis, often they are very separate activities.

As a result, once the sale exits from the sales funnel the focus is on the next opportunity in the funnel and Win-Loss analysis is frequently not completed.

This new Sales Funnel Excel template developed by The Business Tools Store incorporates a comprehensive Win-Loss analysis with an extensive list of reports and graphic charts.

The Win-Loss analysis is the final stage in the Sales Funnel and is an integral part of the complete process.

It allows the organisation to identify:

  • if particular sales regions or executives have different win or loss patterns
  • the reasons why particular products are successful in some market sectors but not in others
  • if particular markets or sales regions are very price sensitive or if product quality, product features, product range are strong or weak aspects in closing sales.

The template is totally flexible and allows the user to specify the win-loss analysis framework and level of detail by setting up a customised list of reasons for wins and losses.

Completed opportunities are then categorised by selecting the various outcomes and reason for these outcomes from dropdown lists.

This Excel template is also a comprehensive Sales Funnel management system and is accompanied by our comprehensive 21-page User Guide which shows the full range of extensive features.

This template requires Excel 2007 or later edition.

This Sales Pipeline Management template is also available without the Win Loss analysis.