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Sales Pipeline Templates Excel Package

This Sales Pipeline Templates for Excel package provides a comprehensive set of Sales Pipeline Management Templates at 33% discount on the individual very competitive prices to manage the full Sales Pipeline cycle.

The package consists of:

  1. The Sales Pipeline Funnel Planner & Calculator identifies the level of new business leads/opportunities required to be put into the Sales Pipeline to achieve the sales revenue budget.  (Excel 2003)

  2. The Sales Leads Generation Plan and Budget template develops a plan and budget to generate the necessary leads by different marketing sources of categories, i.e. trade show, telemarketing, etc.  (Excel 2003)

  3. The Sales Pipeline Management template provides a comprehensive sales pipeline management system for all new and current opportunities as they progress through the sales  pipeline. (Excel 2007). 

One of these templates, The Sales Pipeline Management template, requires Excel 2007 or later

Further details can be got by checking out the individual templates within the Sales & Marketing section or by reviewing the three comprehensive User Guides that can be downloaded from the User Guide section.

Order an individual template or all three in this package at a 33% discount.

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