SPACE Matrix Chart Excel Template Added

Continuing to expand our extensive portfolio of strategic planning tools we have recently added an Excel SPACE Matrix template.

To start using it to produce your SPACE Matrix just click on SPACE Matrix Excel template.

Is the SPACE matrix tool for you?

The Strategic Position & Action Evaluation matrix or SPACE matrix focuses on strategy formulation particularly from the competitive position
of an organization and helps companies to decide the appropriate type of strategy analysis the company should undertake.

The SPACE matrix analysis outcome can be used as a basis for other analyses, such as PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, Ansoff, BCG matrix or GE-McKinsey models, for which we have a comprehensive portfolio of Strategic Planning templates.

The SPACE matrix has four quadrants. Each quadrant suggests a different type of strategy and the SPACE analysis places the organisation in one of the quadrants indicating the type of strategy the company should undertake.

The different types of strategy suggested are:

  • Aggressive
  • Conservative
  • Defensive
  • Competitive



SPACE Matrix Analysis

The SPACE Matrix analysis framework has four dimensions in order to determine the organization's strategic positioning in the industry.

These are:

  • Financial strength (FS)
  • Competitive advantage (CA)
  • Environmental stability (ES)
  • Industry strength (IS)



The CA score is added to the IS score to give the total X-axis score

The FS score is added to the ES score to give the total Y-axis score.

This point of intersection is then plotted on an SPACE matrix and the resulting quadrant location indicated the appropriate strategy.

22nd Sep 2013

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