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Ansoff Matrix Ms-Word Template

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The Ansoff Matrix Template, also known as the Ansoff Growth matrix or the Ansoff Product / Market matrix, is available for Ms-Word and Ms-Excel.

 The Ansoff Matrix Template is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and marketing strategy.

Ansoff Matrix focuses on the organization's present and potential products and markets. It allows the company to identify four different growth strategies. The output from the Ansoff Product /Market matrix is a series of suggested alternative product and market strategies.

The Ansoff matrix provides four different strategy options:

  • Market Penetration is the strategy where the company seeks to achieve growth by increasing the market share of existing products in existing markets. This can be achieved by aggressive competitive pricing strategies, promotion and advertising, loyalty clubs/bonuses to encourage repeat purchasing and increased selling resources. This is the least risky strategy.
  • Market Development is a strategy where the company seeks to increase growth by marketing and selling existing products in new markets. New markets may relate to new market segments or new geographic areas. It may involve using new distribution channels or different pricing or packaging strategies to attract new customers. The risk associated with entry into new markets is higher than a market penetration strategy.
  • Product Development is a strategy where the organization seeks growth by offering new products in existing markets. This strategy seeks to capitalize on the relationship with existing customers by extending the range of products sold to these customers. A new product development strategy normally carries a higher risk than market penetration.
  • Diversification: This strategy involves developing new products for new markets. It is typically high risk and requires significant investment and as such can be a severe drain on cash. It is most frequently deployed when the organization has a very mature product range is operating in a very unattractive market segment.

The Word Ansoff Matrix template facilitates presentation of the results of the analysis in a report/business plan or other MS-Word document.

The Ansoff Matrix Word template can be copied and pasted into any Word document.

Once it is pasted into the desired location in the document, it can be edited, as any standard MS-Word table would be. Simply type the various entries in the appropriate cell.

The Ansoff Product/Market Matrix Template is also available for Excel and PowerPoint

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