SPACE Matrix Template

SPACE Matrix Template

The term SPACE matrix is derived from Strategic Position & ACtion Evaluation matrix and it focuses on strategy formulation especially as related to the competitive position of an organization.

The SPACE matrix helps to define the overall macro strategy.  Should the overall strategy theme be aggressive or conservative? Other options include strategies focused on being defensive or competitive.

It is frequently used in conjunction with the Grand Strategy matrix and Porter's Five Forces competitive analysis to review and analyze  the overall macro strategy.

The outcome of macro strategy review and analyzes can be used as a basis for other analyses, such as the PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, BCG matrix model, Ansoff or GE-McKinsey models for which we have a comprehensive portfolio of Strategic Planning templates .

The Business Tools Store offers individual templates for each of the SPACE MatrixGrand Strategy Matrix and Porter's Five Competitive Forces.

For those wishing to use two or all three of the templates there is a package of all three at a discount of 30%

They allow you to quickly deploy your chosen macro strategy development methodology.

Check out the full features of each template at: 

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