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Grand Strategy Matrix Template

The Grand Strategy Matrix template is a useful framework as part of the strategic planning process to suggest alternative long-term strategies for the organization.

The Grand Strategy Matrix template for Word offers a Grand Strategy 4-cell presentation format and can be pasted into any Word compatible document or report and edited from within Word.

As a standard Word document all of the features of Word can be used to customize the look and feel, including the background colors to suit any document or report into which it is being incorporated.

This Grand Strategy Matrix template allows the user to have up to 10 entries of different strategies in each quadrant.

The Grand Strategy Matrix template has four Quadrants. Each Quadrant suggests different strategies.

Organizations use Grand Strategies, sometimes called master strategies, to provide long-term strategic direction as it pursues its long-term (5 to 10 year) objectives.

How does the Grand Strategy Matrix Work?

Long-term strategic objectives are typically established under the following headings:

Market Share/Revenue
Supply chain productivity
Competitive positioning
Technological Leadership
Employee development
Corporate Responsibility

The four Quadrants relate to Market Growth Rate and the Relative Competitive Position of the organisation, i.e.

Quadrant 1: Rapid Growth, Strong Position

Quadrant 2: Rapid Growth, Weak Position

Quadrant 3: Low Growth, Weak Position

Quadrant 4: Low Growth, Strong Position

Each quadrant suggests different strategic options to organisations which are positioned in the relevant quadrants.

Typical strategies suggested by the Grand Strategy matrix are:

Quadrant 1: Rapid Growth, Strong Position

Product and Market Development

Market Penetration

Integration (Backward, Forward or both)

Concentric Diversification

Quadrant 2: Rapid Growth, Weak Position

Product Development

Market Development

Market Penetration

Integration (Horizontal, Vertical or Both)



Quadrant 3: Low Growth, Weak Position





Quadrant 4: Low Growth, Strong Position

Diversification (Horizontal or Vertical)

Joint Ventures

The Grand Strategy Matrix is frequently used in conjunction with the SPACE Matrix and Porter's Five Forces Competitive Analysis to review and analyze the overall macro strategy.

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