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Remote/Home and Hybrid Working Excel Toolkit

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  • Weekly staff roster/schedule
  • Weekly Remote Worked Log
  • Work Schedule & Planning Dashboard
  • ToDo List
  • Contact List
  • Roster/Schedule Summary


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Remote/Home and Hybrid Working Excel Toolkit

With the more widespread adoption of Remote/Home and Hybrid Working, the assertion that “work is what we do, not where we go” has become a fundamental truth.

Time management is an important requirement for all executives and good time management can be more challenging in the remote working environment.
Our Remote Working Excel Toolkit offers a portfolio of products that facilitates good time management and effectiveness in the Remote/Hybrid working environment.
It provides a detailed Work Plan and Schedule Management Dashboard, which is continually updated as tasks and work programs are completed, or schedules are changed. It is a comprehensive management system that can be operated from a single dashboard allowing you to dynamically control, in real time, all aspects of the tasks/activities. It uses the Eisenhower, aka Urgent Important Matrix, approach to categorize tasks within the workplan and identify those urgent important tasks that should be completed first.
A comprehensive Staff Rostering system is also included in the Toolkit. It shows as a glance when individual hybrid workers are in the office, working remotely or available virtually.
It can also incorporate those essential office-based tasks where a physical presence is always required in the office, e.g., front desk/reception, customer service, security, etc. By showing when individuals are in the office it facilitates scheduling of face-to-face meetings.
The Toolkit also includes a Weekly Work Log, which allows the remote worker to record the work hours and tasks completed. Task start and finish time can be automatically recorded.
The Toolkit also includes a user friendly To Do List and a Contact List to have quick and easy access to individuals’ email and telephone details.
It is totally customizable and uses only standard Excel features, no macros.  If you have Excel, you are ready to go!
Check out the Remote Working Toolkit User Guide for full details of the comprehensive list of features and the ease-of-use facilities that allow you to get started right away.

All this is backed up by a No Quibble Money Back Guarantee and exceptional customer service (see what our customers say)<

Key Features of Remote and Hybrid Working Toolkit

  • Simple and highly flexible setup
  • Suitable for any business that operates a remote/home or hybrid working system
  • Single Dashboard to schedule, update and manage a comprehensive work program.
  • Weekly work log to record activities completed remotely or in office.
  • Schedule/Roster colour coded to see the roster at a glance
  • The weekly schedule can be printed or distributed electronically
  • Fully customizable Excel template
  • Uses only standard Excel features, no macros
  • Simple to setup – if you have Excel, you are ready to go!
  • Comprehensive  User Guide  
  • Outstanding customer service and support -- just check out what our customers say.
  • No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

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No Quibble Guarantee

Check out the Remote Working Toolkit User Guide for full details of the comprehensive list of features and the ease-of-use facilities that allow you to get started right away. Still not sure, all our products come with a NO QUIBBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 

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