Distributor/Marketing Channel Partners Evaluation & Selection Checklist

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Distributor/Marketing Channel Partners Evaluation & Selection Checklist 

Selecting a distributor/marketing partner is frequently an important factor when entering a new market.

Using a distributor/marketing partner, in existing markets, may also be an appropriate strategy when seeking to rapidly scale-up sales revenue.

Our Distributor/Marketing Channel Partner Evaluation & Selection Checklist provides an effective tool to evaluate potential partners.

Where do you start? What tasks do you plan to delegate to the distributor/marketing partner?

In choosing between partners, what are the relevant attributes of your ideal marketing channel partner?

Using our Distributor/Marketing Channel Partners Evaluation & Selection Checklist, one can quickly identify, clarify and prioritize the relevant attributes and profile the ideal marketing channel partner.

The Checklist addresses the problem at a number of levels.

  • It provides a framework for identifying the primary strategic intent of entering into the partnership in the chosen market.
  • It identifies 16 attributes/strengths that a potential partner should bring to the relationship to support the successful implementation of the chosen strategy.
  • Each of these attributes are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is of little or no importance and 5 is essential.
  • It lists 20 operational tasks to be executed in the marketplace by one's own organization or the chosen partner.

The list of attributes and operational tasks can be edited to suit any particular market environment.

Using the checklist, one can quickly identify what tasks are appropriate to delegate to the partner and as such clarify the strengths and resources that the ideal partner should bring to the relationship.

Such clarity around the split of tasks/activities, is also useful at a later stage when negotiating terms/revenue split.

For those who are working with existing distributor/marketing partner a regular review, perhaps annually, of the performance and continuing suitability is appropriate. 

Why not also check out our Marketing Channel Partner Evaluation, Rating & Selection Matrix?

Once you have identified a number of potential partners use the Distributor/Marketing Channel Partners Evaluation Rating Matrix (Excel template) to carry out a structured evaluation and selection process.  

Get both templates at a 25% discount in Our Distributor/Marketing Channel Partner Package .

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