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Manpower Budget / Staffing Plan Excel Template

Excel Templates for Budgets (Manpower) is a convenient application to develop a manpower schedule/budget for up to 10 departments on a monthly basis for a 3-year period.

Excel Templates for Budgets (Manpower) allows you to define 10 departments.

Each department can have as many job categories as you wish.

The current annual salary for each job category is entered, as is the projected changes (+ or -) on a percentage basis for each of the 3 years.

A % for salary extras (social security, pension, etc.) can also be defined for each job category.

A manpower schedule is then created on a monthly basis for the three year period. 

You enter the current number of employees in each job category followed by any headcount changes (+ or -) in the month in which they occur.

To facilitate part-time staffing or the sharing of an employee between departments, staffing numbers can be entered as a decimal number (e.g. 0.5).

The ending staffing levels for each year are automatically carried forward as the opening staffing levels for the subsequent year.

The salary cost for each job category is calculated for each month of the 3-year period. 

The monthly salary cost for each individual department and a total organisation-wide salary budget is also calculated. There is an option to add a percentage contingency factor to the total salary budget.

An average monthly/quarterly/annual cost per employee is calculated for each department and for the total organisation.

Check out the Excel Templates for Manpower Budgets / Staffing Plan User Guide before purchasing! 

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