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Sales Pipeline Management and Forecast Excel System

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  • Monthly and Cumulative Sales Forecast
  • Sales Pipeline Entries
  • Sales Forecast by Month
  • Sales Pipeline and Associated Forecast
  • Sales Pipeline and Forecast Set-up


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Sales Pipeline Management and Forecast Excel System

This Excel-based workbook provides comprehensive Sales Funnel/Pipeline management and associated sales forecasting based on the pipeline status and analysis.
The product features include:
1. Comprehensive ongoing pipeline management, typically used in a sales management/meeting environment to update and review the current active pipeline.
2. A detailed sales forecasting system based on the status and timing of the leads/opportunities in the pipeline. The sales forecast covers a period of 12 months and can be filtered and segmented by multiple parameters of the pipeline such as sales exec./region, market sector, lead status, pipeline stage, etc.
3. Graphic representation of the projected monthly and cumulative sales forecast for 12 months is produced. This is automatically updated, based on the filtering and segmentation of the pipeline.

The Sales Pipeline/Sales Funnel and associated forecast can be analyzed by:
a) Sales Region,
b) Sales Executive,
c) Lead Source,
d) Pipeline Stage
e)Product Group and
f) Market Sector.

The user can choose to use some or all these parameters or set up others.
The Pipeline stages and associated probability of closing can be fully customised by the user.
The flexible setup parameters allow the user to totally customize the number and description of sales regions, sales executives, lead sources, pipeline stages and associated probability of closing, and market sectors.

Entering of New Opportunities

Entering new sales opportunities in the sales pipeline is then made "quick and easy" by selecting the table entry from a dropdown list. This approach also eliminates typing errors in inserting any of these parameters. There is no limit to the number of Sales Regions, Sales Executives, etc. that can be used.
The forecast value of each opportunity is calculated based on the pipeline stage and associated probability of closing an opportunity in that stage of the pipeline.
The monthly forecast table and associated graph are then automatically generated.

Analysis Reports & Charts

All the parameters can be used to filter the pipeline entries. This allows the user to “mix and match” and to filter and drill down on any variable in the active pipeline and facilitates analysis of the pipeline, for example by pipeline stage (proposal submitted) for one or more sales regions, product categories and/or market sector. The associated sales forecast by month is automatically generated and a graph showing the monthly and cumulative forecast for the 12 months is also generated.
Check out  Sales Pipeline Management and Forecasting Excel Template User Guide  for full details of the comprehensive list of features and the ease-of-use facilities that allow you to get started right away.
To help you get started were have included two copies of the workbook model.
These are:
1. A copy complete with sample data, reports and charts as used in the User Guide, to use as a reference
2. A ready to use model, where you can enter your set-up data allowing you get operational quickly.

It is recommended that you save a copy of the ready-to-use model without the data as a backup for future reference, particularly if you plan to make any changes to the underlying Excel model.

Similar Products

A portfolio of similar complementary products is also available.
Other products are:
1. A similar Sales Pipeline management system with a detailed win/loss subsystem and analysis.
The Sales Pipeline Funnel Planner & Calculator  that identifies the level of new business leads/opportunities required to achieve the sales revenue budget.
3. The Sales Leads Generation Budget & Plan system develops a plan and budget to generate the necessary leads by different marketing sources or categories, i.e. email marketing, trade show, telemarketing, etc.

The Excel template is totally customizable and uses only standard Excel features, no macros or fancy techie tricks.  If you have Excel, you are ready to go!
Check out the Sales Pipeline Management and Forecasting Excel Template User Guide  for the list of features and the ease-of-use facilities that allow you to get started right away.
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Check out our Sales Pipeline Management and Forecasting Excel Template User Guide  for full details. 
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