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Exponential Smoothing Sales Forecast system using the Excel Forecast Function

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  • Monthly and Cumulative Sales Forecast
  • Product History and Forecast Filtering
  • Sales Forecast by Month
  • Sales History for Previous 12 Months


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Exponential Smoothing Sales Forecast system using the Excel Forecast Function
Sales forecasting is frequently an important component of market/sales analysis. Forecasting of future sales usually uses historical sales figures as an input when projecting future sales. There are a variety of techniques/formulae used to calculate the future sales projections.
The Moving Average analysis tool projects values in the forecast period, based on the average value of the variable over a specific number of preceding periods. A moving average provides trend information that a simple average of all historical data would mask.
The Exponential Smoothing approach assumes that more recent sales are likely to have a greater influence on calculating future sales. The technique uses exponentially decreasing weighting to historical data over time.
Seasonality can also be a factor, e.g., skiing equipment and clothing will usually have higher sales during the skiing season each year.
Exponential Smoothing is one of the Data Analysis tools in Excel. 
Our template uses the Exponential Smoothing Forecasting Function in Excel to build a twelve-month rolling sales forecast for an unlimited number of products. Sales seasonality is automatically detected, based on the historical sales data, or can be manually overwritten.
Where sales history data is missing, interpolation of the other data can used to fill in values for the missing data, or zero sales can be used for the missing data.
A monthly sales forecast and cumulative graph are produced.
Extensive filtering can be done on the products to be included and viewed in the forecast table and monthly and cumulative sales forecast graph.

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Key Features.

  • A monthly sales forecast for twelve months is produced.
  • The Exponential Smoothing algorithm/methodology is used.
  • The previous twelve months of sales history is used as an input to the algorithm.
  • The Exponential Smoothing Function in Excel is used as the basis for the forecast calculation.
  • The number of products that can be forecast is not limited and additional products can be easily added.
  • Sales seasonality in the historical data can be automatically detected and incorporated in the forecast.
  • Interpolation of the other data can be used to fill in values for missing data.
  • The sales forecast values for twelve months are produced in tabular and graphic format.
  • Both monthly and cumulative forecasts are included in the automatically generated graph.
  • The products to be included in the sales forecast and graph can be filtered.
  • The template uses only standard Excel features.
  • A simple macro is used to move the sales history data on one month, to allow the most recent monthly data to be entered.
  • It is a fully customizable MS-Excel template
  • A comprehensive User Guide is provided
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